About Farmers State Bank

The Farmers State Bank of Waupaca was established on January 11, 1911, and opened for business on January 14, 1911. The first bank building was on the corner of Fulton and Main Street in what is now the Hart & Hart Law office. The bank was there until March 7, 1966, when it moved to the old Palace Theatre site at 112 W. Fulton Street.

The downtown office remained the only Farmers State Bank location until August of 1989 when the bank built its first branch at 717 Churchill Street. In December 1991, the Farmers State Bank expanded again, with the King Branch at N2701 Cty. Rd. QQ, right next to the Veterans Home. In May of 1998 the Auto Bank was opened at 118 W. Session Street, 1 block from the Main Office. Additionally, on May 22, 2000, we added a branch in Wild Rose, which helps serve the needs of the growing community in the Wild Rose area. Finally, on June 1, 2005, we opened another branch on the corner of Highways 96 & 110 at N560 State Road 110 in Fremont. Farmers State Bank closed the Churchill Street location on October 30, 2006, and the King Branch on October 1, 2019 due to traffic pattern changes, increases in direct deposits, and mobile banking.

The bank has had 9 Presidents since 1911. Julius Rosholt (1911 to 1912), Kim Rosholt (1912 to 1916), Nathan Cohen (1916-1921), John F. Jardine (1921 to 1937), Harry W. Rawson (1937 to 1962), Philip L. Karling (1962 to 1969), Reuben M. Danielsen (1969 to 1987), Francis J. Vergauwen (1987 – 2010), and Laine M. Lazers (2010 to present). The leadership and guidance of these individuals, along with numerous other long-term employees, have created a very stable environment where the customers are able to get to know the employees over the years. These relationships are the key to our success.

An important note about the Farmers State Bank is that it opened as a Locally Owned, Independent, Community Bank and that still holds true today. Also, the Farmers State Bank is one of only three banks in the state of Wisconsin that did not close during the depression.

Our Mission Statement is as follows: "Working together with our customers and community as an independent bank by providing quality financial services in a friendly manner." As a community minded bank, our money is reinvested to support our local communities including the following:

  • Schools
  • Industrial Development
  • Business Development
  • Youth & Adult Activities
  • Senior Activities
  • Recreational Activities
  • Church Groups
  • Local Charities
  • Local Government

We feel the communities of Waupaca, Wild Rose and Fremont are important. Without the local schools, businesses, groups and organizations, Waupaca, Wild Rose and Fremont would not be what they are today. We are happy to support these groups and organizations and look forward to helping these areas grow in the years to come.


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