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Online Banking

Online Banking allows you to access your accounts anywhere you can get Internet Access. The system gives you real time online transactions, so you will see all your account transactions as they happen (you can see them as we can see them here at the bank). With Online Banking you can check your balances, view your current statements, review transaction history, determine which checks have posted to your account, verify direct deposits and withdrawals, transfer money between your accounts, and export information into Excel.

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Online Banking Enrollment

You can sign up with our auto enroll. Get instant access to your Farmers State Bank accounts. The information below will help you enroll.

  1. Select the type of account that you are going to enroll into Online Banking.
  2. Enter the account number associated with the account type that you selected in step 1.
  3. Enter your Social Security Number.
  4. Enter your PIN. This PIN is either the last four digits of your Social Security Number or if you are a Telebanc user it is the four digit PIN that you set up for Telebanc.
  5. Enter a security question and answer. This will be used for verification purposes if you call our Bookkeeping Department to reset your password.
  6. Enter your email address.
  7. Confirm your email address by entering it again.
  8. Click Enroll to continue to the Establish credentials screen.
  9. Create a New username. The username needs to be 6 to 15 characters. It can be letters, numbers, special characters (-,*,@,etc.) or any combination. Letters are case sensitive. No spaces can be used. Please keep a record of your username in a safe place. Please note, your username needs to be unique because no two people can have the same username on the Farmers State Bank system. If you select an username that already exists, the system will require you to select a different one.
  10. Create your new password. Your password needs to be 9 to 17 characters. It must contain at least one letter, one number, one uppercase, and one special character. No spaces can be used.
  11. Confirm your password by entering it again.
  12. Click Continue to proceed to the Set up challenge questions screen.
  13. You will be asked to answer three challenge questions. These questions will be used as an extra layer of security when accessing your Online Banking on a public computer. Select three challenge questions and answer them.
  14. Check the box next to "Don't challenge me again on this device" if you do not want to be asked one of the three challenge questions the next time you log into Online Banking from the device that you are currently enrolling from.
  15. Click Continue to proceed to the Electronic statements enrollment screen.
  16. Click Enroll, Ask me later or Decline eStatements.
  17. Click Enroll, Ask Me Later or Decline Mobile Banking. You can also enroll in Mobile Banking by following the steps on our Mobile Banking page.
  18. You should now be at the home screen of your Online Banking.

With questions or for further assistance, please feel free to Contact Us or view our Online Banking Login Guide.

Online Banking Educational Video

To learn more about Online Banking and the many features that are available click on the video link below.

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Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions

Is Online Banking Secure?

Online Banking is on a secure server. This means in order to access your accounts you enter through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which creates a 128-bit encrypted connection between your browser and our host secure server. The system is monitored and protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you have any additional questions regarding the security of our Online Banking product, please stop in the Farmers State Bank Main Office at 112 W. Fulton Street in Waupaca, WI and talk with Laine Lazers or Jay Krcmar or contact them at (715) 258-1400.

How do I sign up for Online Banking?

You can sign up at any Farmers State Bank location or enroll online by clicking Enroll in the top right corner of our website under Online Banking. Follow the enroll questions to complete your Online Banking enrollment.

What are the browser and screen resolution requirements for Online Banking?

Your web browser needs to have 128 bit encryption. Your web browser options are: Internet Explorer 6.0 (or greater), Mac Internet Explorer 5.2 (or greater), Mozilla Firefox 2.0 (or greater) or Google Chrome 1.0 (or greater). You can find the version by going to Help in the browser and selecting About Internet Explorer, About Mozilla Firefox or About Google Chrome. This will bring up a screen with the current version of your web browser.

Please note that Online Banking works best with Internet Explorer; however, it does work with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and other web browsers. If you do not have the correct version of your browser please update your browser before trying to enter Online Banking.

Note: Mac users using Mac Operating System 8.1 or 9.x need to use Internet Explorer version 5.1.7. Mac Operating System X users need to use Internet Explorer version 5.2.3.

Your screen resolution should be set to at least 1024x768 Resolution. This can be changed through the Control Panel - Display - Settings - Screen Resolution.

What is the difference between my Username and Password?

You will choose your Username when you enroll in Online Banking. It will need to be 6 to 15 characters in length. Your Username can be letters, numbers, and special characters (-,*,@,etc.), or any combination. Letters are case sensitive. No spaces are allowed. Please note, your Username needs to be unique because no two people can have the same Username on the Farmers State Bank system. If you select a Username that already exists, you will need to choose a different Username.

After choosing your Username you will need to create a password. We encourage you to select something that is unique to you and is not easily guessed by others. Your new password needs to be 8 to 17 characters in length and have at least one letter (letters are case sensitive) and one number. Special characters (-,*,@,etc.) are also acceptable in the password.

Your Username is something that will not change for access to Online Banking. You can change your Password as often as you want through "Profile" in the upper right hand corner of Online Banking when you log in. You will be prompted to change your password every 180 days.

What happens if I do not log into my accounts for awhile?

If you do not log into your Online Banking account for more than 180 days you will no longer be able to log back into the system. This is a security feature of our system. If you would like to be added back to Online Banking after more than 180 days of inactivity, you can do that by re-enrolling for On-Line Banking.

I receive an error when logging in. How can I correct this?

If you receive an error when logging in please contact our Bookkeeping Department at (715) 258-1410.

How to Contact Us with additional questions?

If you need help or have any other questions, please call (715) 258-1400 and ask for help with Online Banking access. You could also email us through our Secure Contact Form and we will research any question you might have.


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